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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my dog’s hair longer in the winter?

In the winter, we do not generally recommend leaving the hair longer. The reason for this is that as the longer hair gets damp from going out in the snow, it tangles very easily. If the owner is not diligent about combing the dog after every time it gets damp, mats can become severe, creating the necessity to shave the dog, and defeating the whole purpose of leaving the hair long to start out with. As long as they are an inside dog, they should be able to handle winter with their normal grooming. Additionally, if the dogs wears a sweater on a regular basis, this can create a lot of matting as well.


Can you brush out my matted dog?

Dog’s hair tends to form mats at the skin, and the only way to fix this type of matting is to cut very close to the skin. It is generally easier on the dog to shave these mats than to try and comb them out, which can be very painful. Once your matted dog has been shaved, it still needs to be brought in within the recommended number of weeks in order to prevent further matting and maintain what the dog has. Shaving them is really just putting them back to square one, giving the dog and owner a good starting point.

Can you shave my golden retriever/husky/shepherd?

It is our policy not to shave Double Coated Dogs (i.e. golden retrievers, huskies, labs, australian shepherds, etc).

  • The top coat, coarser hair, actually protects the dog from the heat and sun; the fuzzy undercoat acts as a layer of insulation. The best remedy is to brush out as much under coat as we can.

  • When you shave a double coat you take the risk of the hair growing back patchy, or not at all.

  • When the hair does grow back, it is usually thicker and fuzzier, so the groomer will need to shave shorter and shorter each time, which can cause clipper burn.


Help! My dog got sprayed by a skunk!

Unfortunately we do not have any sort of magic shampoo to get rid of skunk smell. We can definitely bathe a dog that has been “skunked” if the owners would like to bring in supplies to do so (whatever remedy they come across and would like to try). We do have Dawn dish soap on hand, which can be helpful in reducing the smell, since skunk spray is oil-based.