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3820 Old Town Hall Road, Eau Claire, WI



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Dog Boarding

  • You are welcome to bring your dog's own food, we just ask that it is put in gallon-sized bags or bagged per meal.


  • If your pet has any medications or supplements, please be sure to bring them in their original container so we can get accurate instructions for our notes.


  • Potty schedule is kept as close to home as possible to avoid accidents and prevent bad habits. The first let out is as early as 7:30 AM and the last as late as 9 PM.


  • Choice of Canine Runs or Canine Suites


  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas


  • Indoor swimming pool

When your dog stays in one of our kennels, they will enjoy the comfort of a raised Kuranda bed, in-floor heat, and soothing music. Each dog has a 5' x 6' indoor kennel that accesses their own private 5' x 8' outdoor patio which is covered to protect your pet from the elements. Your dog will enjoy a more social atmosphere, being able to see his friends around him.

One dog is $28/night. Each additional dog is $24/night.*


* To receive the discounted rate, dogs must share the same run.

Canine Runs with a Private Patio

Our dog boarding suites are the epitome of comfort for your pet. They are quite the step up from traditional kennels. Our luxury suites offer more privacy, extra attention, larger and more home-like rooms, less noise and disruption, and soothing music to calm even the most homesick of pets. The suites also have a comfy raised Kuranda bed and in-floor heat. Each suite is 6' x 8' inside with access to 6' x 8' outdoor private patio which is covered to protect your pet from the elements. Each guest of our suites is given daily one-on-one interactive time with our caring and devoted staff for playing, swimming, or cuddling, whichever is your dog's preference. Daily one-on-one time, playing, swimming or cuddling with a staff member, or group play, running around with all his buddies.

One dog is $41/night. Each additional dog is $37/night.*


* To receive the discounted rate, dogs must share the same suite.

Canine Suites with a Private Patio

Offer your dog the freedom and exhilaration of year-round aquatic exercise. Water-loving breeds and many hunting dogs delight in a good splash in our clean and well-maintained 4’ deep pool. Many dogs enjoy novelty as much as their owners do, and an exciting swim can provide welcome variety for a dog battling boredom. Plus, first time pool users get a FREE 10 minute session - just ask!

Swim Time: Dogs can swim 10 minutes for $15, 15 minutes for $17, or 20 minutes for $20.

(Pool can be used by appointment or during a boarding stay.)

Dog Swimming Pool

Let your dogs enjoy some playtime while they are here! We have large indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to run, either by themselves or with other dogs. Playtime is a great way to keep your dog happy and ensure a restful afternoon nap!

Unstructured Playtime: Dogs can play and stretch their legs, and have the space all to themselves for $6 / 15 minutes.


Structured Playtime: Dogs get one-on-one interaction with a staff member to play fetch, tug, or just to cuddle for $11 / 15 minutes.


Group Playtime: Dogs play together in a group format for $11 / 30 minutes.

First group play is on us! (An additional questionnaire/waiver is required for group playtime.)

Playtime Options