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Cat Boarding

Your feline friends will love our Kitty Condos located in our "cats only" room. This room is especially designed for cats with a separate ventilation system for optimally healthy conditions. Where most cat boarding places put cats in a 2' x 4' cage with a bed on one side and litter on the other, we provide each cat with a three-story cat condo so your furry companion doesn't have to sleep right next to their litter box. Litter boxes are located on the lower level, food & water dishes on the middle level, and lots of soft blankets to snuggle in on the top level. Inquisitive kitties will enjoy multi-level resting places for observing their surroundings and practicing their stalking skills!  Windows offer sun-loving opportunities and outdoor gazing.  For the comfort of your cat, we recommend bringing their own food. 

We'll provide bedding, carefully maintained litter boxes (and litter), and dishes for food and water.

One cat is $18/night. Each additional cat is $14/night.*


* To receive the discounted rate, cats must share the same condo.


Call 715-831-1885 

to reserve cat boarding!

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