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Serving the Entire Chippewa Valley

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Cat Grooming Services

The service includes a bath, nail trim, brushing, and any trimming or clipping you'd like completed.

We are happy to be one of the few area groomers to offer non-sedation cat grooming. Most cats do very well with this, but please note that this may not be right for all cats. Some may feel more stressed by the grooming experience than others and may require sedation from your vet for future appointments. We offer bathing, brushing, nail-trimming, and the popular "Lion Cut"

If all your cat requires is a simple toenail trim, just call ahead to make sure a groomer is available and come on in!

Cat Grooming

Nail Trim


Call 715-831-1885 to reserve cat grooming!

Prices start at $35 and increase depending on the condition of the cat and the degree of difficulty in grooming it.

Only $11 for every size and type of cat.